Find harmony and inner peace and enjoy private and group instruction in the beautiful Toscana Pilates Studio that features a full complement of Pilates equipment including four Cadillac reformers. Certified instructors will work with the ergonomics of the body, keeping form and function in mind with all exercises.

Private Sessions • 30 or 60 Minutes • $55 / $95
Semi-Private • 60 Minutes • $65
Group Reformer Sessions (3+ people) • 60 Minutes $45 per person -or- 25 Sessions for $625 per person ($25 per session)


The Sports Club is pleased to announce the return of Dr. Bruce Underwood, Preventative Care Specialist. Dr. Underwood offers Wellness Services consisting of assessments and tests to measure health and lifestyle precursors enabling any Member to achieve optimum health using aholistic approach. Dr. Underwood will work in conjunction with massage therapists andtrainers to offer another level of service that compliments current Toscana offerings.

Click Here for Dr. Underwoods Wellness Services


Personal training is 100% about you. Whether you’re interested in improving your golf game, boosting your overall conditioning or maintaining a healthy bodyweight, we have the perfect personal trainer to help you reach your goals. We want to know what motivates you, what your goals are and then match you with the perfect trainer to help you meet them. Our trainers provide one-on-one consultation and assessment before creating a customized program to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Private Sessions • 30 or 60 Minutes • $55 / $95
Semi-Private Session • 60 Minutes • $65
Assisted Stretching • 30 Minutes • $55
Private 60 Minute Sessions can also be purchased in groups:
6 Sessions • $540 or $90 per session -or-12 sessions • $1,020 or $85 per session


 Fascial Stretch Therapy • 30 or 60 Minutes • $65 / $110
As we age or through rigorous exercise our fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles, bones and joints) tightens up. This unique stretching therapy targets the muscles and fascia to increase range of motion, reduce pain and improve athletic performance.


Take Your Golf Game to the Next Level!
A personal trainer with certification from the Titlelist Performance Institute works as your own golf coach. TPI’s philosophy of the golf swing is that there are an infinite number of ways to swing a club, yet there is only one efficient way and it is based on individual physical abilities and limitations. A Toscana Trainer will perform a series of screenings, assessments and post screening analysis. It will then be determined how efficient your body is in relation to swinging the club. Certain corrective exercises will be prescribed based on your individual limitations.

LEVEL 1 - 60 Minute Initial Screening • $250
(includes a post 6 month follow up screening) 16 body screens for mobility, stability and motor control along with
assessment and video swing analysis to identify how your body is affecting your golf swing.

LEVEL 2 - 60 Minute Initial Screening • $175
(includes a post 6 month follow up screening) Screens for strength, cardiovascular endurance and power.

TPI Group Sessions with 6-8 people and trainer
18 Sessions: Levels 1, 2 or 3 • $900 / $50 per session

TPI Training Packages
Private: 60 Minute Session • $120
Private: 6 Sessions • $660 or $110 per session
Private: 12 sessions • $1,200 or $100 per session
Semi-Private: 60 Minutes • $75 per person