Find harmony and inner peace and enjoy private and group instruction in the beautiful Toscana Pilates Studio that features a full complement of Pilates equipment including four Cadillac reformers. Certified instructors will work with the ergonomics of the body, keeping form and function in mind with all exercises.

Private Sessions • 25 or 50 Minutes • $76 / $115
Semi-Private • 50 Minutes • $82/person
Group Reformer Sessions (3+ people) • 50 Minutes $45 per person -or- 25 Sessions for $875 per person ($35 per session). Packages expire one year from date of purchase.
Clinical Pilates Private Instruction • 50 Mintues • $130
This one-on-one training is unique to the individual focusing on recovery and rehabilitation from specific physical issues. Fine tuning of alignment and rewiring movement patterns will promote reduction of pain and an injury free state. 
Private Group Reformer • 2-5 People • $200
Private one-on-one Sessions can be pruchased in a Package •
50 Min Sessions • 8 Sessions • $840 ($105 per session). Package espires one year from date of purchase.


Personal training is 100% about you. Whether you’re interested in improving your golf game, boosting your overall conditioning or maintaining a healthy bodyweight, we have the perfect personal trainer to help you reach your goals. We want to know what motivates you, what your goals are and then match you with the perfect trainer to help you meet them. Our trainers provide one-on-one consultation and assessment before creating a customized program to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Private Sessions • 25 or 50 Minutes • $76 / $115
Semi-Private Session • 50 Minutes • $82/person
Team Spartan Sessions (up to 6 people) • 50 Minutes • 8-Session Package $400 ($50 per session)
Stretch Therapy • 50 Minutes • $154
Private Class Services • 50 Minutes • $120 plus $15 for each additional participant
Bespoke Fitness • 50 Minutes • 1-2 people $130 / 3-4 people $165 / 5 people and up $200
Truly unique private group classes such as glide fit, aerial yoga, bounce, boxing, and bespoke Pilates.
Clinical Golf Fitness Training • 50 Min • $130
Personal Training can also be purchased in a package:
 50 Minute Sessions • 8 Sessions • $840 ($105 per session). Package expires one year from date of purchase.
Private Group Sound Bath • 60 min. • 1-4 people $150 • 5 people and up $200
A treatment that includes ambient sounds to create healing through vibrations, concluding with guided meditation.
Cancellation Policy
♦ Should you need to cancel your training appointment please notify the Sports Club Concierge 24 hours in advance to avoid a full service cancellation charge.