Bill Harmon
Charlie Peterson, PGA
Warren Pineo, PGA
Robby Newbill, PGA
Lynda Jensen, PGA
Fred Campbell, PGA 

Developing young golfers is a key to growing the game of golf. Bring your kids and grandkids out for lessons to help develop their skills and knowledge of golf. 

Ages 16-17
  • Etiquette / Rules / Golf Car Operation Test - General knowledge of USGA Rules of Golf as well as Toscana Country Club Golf Rules. Must pass Etiquette Test with a perfect score (100%) and must pass Basic Rules Test with 80% or better. In order to operate a Toscana CC golf car, the junior must have a valid Driver's License and pass the Golf Car Operation Test with a perfect score (100%).
  • Ball Striking Test - Must be able to get the ball airborne and show some proficiency with golf in general. Certification will include playing 3 holes (par 3, par 4, par 5) with a PGA Professional.
  • Golf Course and Practice Facility Usage - If accompanied by an adult, Certified Juniors may play golf or practice at any time
  • Unaccompanied Practice Facility & Golf Course Usage - The practice facility is open to Certified Juniors after 12:00 p.m. or with the permission of the Toscana Professional Staff. In order to play the golf course unaccompanied (walking or with a golf car per the above stipulation), the junior must be able to score double par or better during the three hole certification test. Play is permitted after 12:00 p.m. with permission from the Toscana Professional Staff.

Contact the Golf Shop at 760.404.1457 to schedule a lesson in advance if you prefer a specific instructor, or just come by the Golf Shop whenever it is most convenient for you.